Budget Hearing for FY-2020 Wednesday August 13th @ 6 PM, before the start of the regular scheduled meeting.

Proposed Budget FY-2020


The Edwards Mosquito Abatement District’s control programs will begin on May 1, 2019. Abatement activity will be conducted within the mosquito abatement taxing district, roughly located around the northern portion of Lake Cascade. Larval mosquitoes will be controlled in areas such as marshes, cattail swamps, woodland pools, flooded fields, roadside ditches, snowmelt/storm water flooded basins and other shallow, stagnant bodies of water. Areas with flowing waters (streams, rivers) or deep waters (ponds, lakes) typically do not support mosquito breeding and will not be treated. The primary control agents will be larvicides called Spheratax (Bs), Agnique (MMF) a Larvicide/Pupacide surface film. Applications to control mosquito larvae will continue as needed until September,1 2019. Control Agents will only be applied where larvae are collected. Street spraying by truck-mounted sprayers will be completed in the community residing within the Edwards Mosquito Abatement District; other communities may choose to do so as well if a public health emergency dictated by the State of Idaho. Street spraying (fogging) is not regularly scheduled as it is dependent upon favorable weather conditions ex. wind less than 10 MPH, temps at dusk greater than 50 *F and elevated biting mosquito populations and/or disease presence. Permanone 30+30 ULV Insecticide (Permethrin + Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO)) will be utilized in truck sprayers. The District may decide to complete barrier insecticide (bifenthrin) applications to resident’s private property where larval/adulticide applications fail to provide adequate control as well parks, athletic fields, schools, and other public areas should a public health emergency dictate. Persons wishing their properties would not be treated must contact the Edwards Mosquito Abatement District and fill out a “Request for Non-treatment”. Otherwise properties may be treated as necessary. Information on biological control agents, insecticides, areas likely to be sprayed or any potential hazards is available on our website under the resources heading or upon request. Contact us at 208-325-4096 or  Nathan Mitchell, District Manager. ­ 05/30/2019

Donnelly Elementary School Mosquito Awareness Presentation

Letters and Artwork from Mrs. Maini's 4th grade class                                                 Artwork from Mrs. McCoy's 4th grade class