Edwards Mosquito Abatement District

mosquito in crosshairs, Edwards Mosquito Abatement District, Donnelly, ID

Instructions for Annexations to the Edwards Mosquito Abatement District 

Idaho Code:


39-2806.  ANNEXATION TO ABATEMENT DISTRICTS. Contiguous territories may be annexed to organized abatement districts upon petition of a majority of the legal voters in the territory seeking annexation and of the owners of more than half, by assessed value, of the taxable property in such territory, or by written request for annexation of a designated area, submitted to the trustees of the existing abatement district and signed by all members of the board of county commissioners in which county the territory seeking annexation is located. For annexations that will increase the size of an existing contiguous district, there shall be no size restriction on the property being annexed. Noncontiguous areas shall not be annexed unless the area meets the provisions of section 39-2801A, Idaho Code. Upon receiving this petition or written request, the trustees of the existing abatement district must submit the question of annexation to the legal voters of the district at an election held subject to the provisions of section 34-106, Idaho Code.
[39-2806, added 1959, ch. 81, sec. 6, p. 186; am. 1993, ch. 81, sec. 1, p. 211; am. 1995, ch. 118, sec. 57, p. 473; am. 2007, ch. 188, sec. 6, p. 551.]

How do we do that?

There are 2 methods to get annexed:

Complete a petition of the legal voters in the territory seeking annexation and of more than half, by assessed value, of the taxable territory. This method is for subdivision use. It eliminates the need for every lot owner to "submit a written request" Use this petition form to annex the entire subdivision. 


Submit a written request  to the Board of Trustees of the Edwards Mosquito Abatement District for annexation along with the legal description of the territory seeking annexation. Here is a Sample Written Request, below is a blank request form to be used for submittal to the Board. This method is for parcels or tracts of land with that are not part of any subdivisions.

Written Request

Whats next?

Once approved with the Board, the existing abatement district must submit question to the legal voters of the district at an election.

What does that mean?

If approved, the annexation will be put on a ballot and the existing district will vote on whether or not to allow the subdivision/land to be included in the abatement district.

If approved, when does the relief start?

Limited treatment will happen after the election, the reason for this is the district won't receive any revenues from taxes until the following year. Pesticides and labor are expensive, but during the worst part of the season you will be receiving treatment.

Any questions, please feel free to call us at 208-325-4096, email us at edwardsmosquitoabatement@gmail.com or mail to

P.O. Box 561, Donnelly, Idaho 83615

Property descriptions/information can be found on here on Valley County's Parcel Map. Just search your address or locate your lot and click it for details. Valley County's Parcel Map is for reference only.


The formula to calculate the amount you would pay for this abatement service would be:

Total Taxable Value (land value + improvements/home) minus any homeowner’s exemption you might have.  Or,

(.000304057levy rate)  X   (Total Taxable Value) =  Amount of tax for Edward Mosquito Abatement

One example would be a total home and property taxable value of $117,267 would cost $35.65/year for mosquito abatement.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  We look forward to hearing from you.  If you have any questions or concerns Call or Email Us